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About Me

My name is Brittney. My family hails from Lower Brule, SD and Hopkinsville, KY. I currently live in Minnesota with my wonderful husband and two children. I have been a beauty enthusiast since I was 13 years old. Being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder in 3rd grade in which caused skin deformities on one side of my face, I became very self conscience . I was already outgoing, but when I put makeup on I felt confident. I felt better when I put on makeup. Therapy was never gong to make me feel better about this disease I had, but I will tell you that makeup sure helped! I embrace natural beauty, don't get me wrong, but nothing helped me like a bold lip color and some lashes to start a new day. 

The name Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics came from when visitors or "outsiders' can come into the circle at a powwow and dance. I am biracial and have friends of different races and backgrounds. My own family is made of different backgrounds and my parents were both in the military, which exposed me to different countries and different cultures. My non-native friends have been strong allies to me while growing up. So this brand was not only to show my dedication for indigenous peoples, but to show that the way I was raised, the way my family raised me, embraces all differences and all walks of life. 

Thank you all, Philámayayapi!